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Creating Great Event Campaigns

Events are a great way to creat highly qualified leads. Make sure you get all your prospects to show up.

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Developing Great Event Campaigns Based on What Works

Event Campaign Development

From live events to webinars and small events great campaigns get people to show up?

An event typically is comprised of 3 stages the pre-event marketing campaign, the at-event marketing, the post-event follow-up. Executing these 3 stages correctly can increase revenue and turn more leads into customers

The Pre-Event Marketing Campaign

We help you analyze your pre-event goals and build a plan to hit your numbers. Executing all your marketing in line with your pre-event plan for success. We help you brake down your numbers and get everything on schedule so your event will be a success.

Marketing At The Event

During the event, we help you build communications to help sales close the deals. Make sure when you have their attention you are getting them ready for your follow-up communications. We help you build a plan to nurture your leads so they convert at a higher rate

Post-Event Marketing Follow Up

Ther is a method that works when following up with your leads post-event. Alot of companies forget this crucial part of the event process. Your follow-up communications, at the bare minimum in B2B, should be 3 days, 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days after your event. Your spent the resources to host an event get the most customers out of it as you can.

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